Nine-time Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Ed. Weinberger, known for his work on such legendary comedies as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, and The Cosby Show, imagines an alternate Trump 2020 presidential campaign in this hilarious new novel.

In GOTCHA! Weinberger creates a chaotic world inhabited by America’s 45th President where cheating at golf is taken for granted; Fox anchors are valued advisors; and hydroxychloroquine is promoted as a COVID-19 cure.

Spanning the critical period from March 5, 2020 to January 24, 2021, GOTCHA! takes readers into Trump’s private world as he meets with his re-election committee, has a hush-hush dinner with Laura Ingraham, makes an angry early-morning call to Don, Jr., and asks Melania whether his bullet-proof vest makes him look fat. Trump tries to rush through a COVID-19 vaccine; attempts to build rapport with African Americans; and even gets away with shooting a protester on Fifth Avenue—an incident applauded by the NRA. 

With an entertaining mix of fiction and satire, this provocative novel looks into the corrupt, three-ring-circus that is Washington in the new normal.

Ed. Weinberger’s Gotcha! Inside Trump’s 2020 Campaign is my favorite kind of satire; wonderfully observed and bitingly funny.  It cuts so close to the bone, you’ll think you’re a staffer on the campaign.  It’s the perfect tonic to help you through these insane times.” 

–Rob Reiner, actor, comedian, director, producer

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The book takes you through all the familiar events of the last year to recent election and the result. The staffing changes are there, as are darker things, like Putin, North Korea, and Charlottesville… Author concentrates on parodying Trump’s arrogance, incompetence, and growing instability. How It All Ends, which is the question on many of our minds, make me laugh out loud, when author predicted that Trump would refuse to leave the White House after losing the election.